Top Web Fonts Those are Changing World History

Typography is instrumental to many forms of communication in daily life, being used in modern advertisements and designs that we encounter every day. Typographers have practiced their craft for centuries.

Futura Makes a Stand Against Hitler’s Third Reich

German typeface designer Paul Renner found himself in a tough spot when the Nazi party rose to power.

Helvetica Plays It Safe During the Cold War

Helvetica was introduced in 1957 under its original name, Neue Haas Grotesk. It was first known for its clarity, though later would become associated with treading carefully during The Cold War.

Johnston Sans in the London Underground Railway Combats German Innovation

Edward Johnston created the self-named Johnston Sans during The Great War. Commonly known as Underground Railway Block-Letter

Gotham Attempts to Bring Hope Back to America

Inspired by the lettering on the Port Authority, Gotham is described by Tobias Frere-Jones as “the type of letter that an engineer would make.”